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Our Marine Power Inverter products are selected from the best brands and are rugged reliable and safe. Choose the Marine Power Inverter that fits your needs for off grid AC power. Many Marine Power Inverter selections provide battery charging too.

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Determine the size of Marine Power Inverter you require by adding up the loads you expect to run off the Marine Power Inverter. The power required is derived from your 12 Volt batteries. Once you determine the Marine Power Inverter that provides the power you need, divide that wattage by 12 volts to see how many amperes your batteries will need to provide. How long do you want the Marine Power Inverter to provide power for your loads? Your batteries will have ratings for Ampere Hours that will allow you to determine how long your Marine Power Inverter can properly deliver the power you need. The Marine Power Inverter provided by MarineandMarineAccessories.com are rated for long term load. Short term load like starting a motor is provided by the Marine Power Inverter as well and there is a rating for Surge Power which is that short duration extra load.

So once you have determined the wattage you want for your Marine Power Inverter, have determined how long you want the power to be supplied by your battery bank, you will need to select the size and number of batteries to provide that power to the Marine Power Inverter. An Important thing to remember is that even a 400 watt Inverter will draw over 30 amps of current from the batteries. Most batteries have amp hour ratings that are based on the rating of the battery divided by 20. A 100 amp hour battery is rated using a draw of 5 amperes for 20 hours. If you are drawing substantially more current then the work done many years ago by a scientist named Peukert can give an indication of the amp hours you might expect. from your batteries powering your Marine Power Inverter.

I personally use a Group Size 31 Duracell Battery that is available through Sam's Club for a great price. This battery will provide 110 amp hours with a one ampere draw. If I draw 50 amps then the amp hour rating is about 73 amp hours. So if I run a very low load of one amp the battery will provide that power for 110 hours. However, If I am using around 600 watts from my Marine Power Inverter, I will only be able to run for about one and one half hours per battery. With batteries in parallel you just multiply the one battery time of operation by the number of batteries in your battery bank. If you wanted to run for 9 hours you would need six of those batteries.

If you are not certain about your loads or your needed battery bank, please contact me through this website and we will work together to select the correct Marine Power Inverter as well as the type and number of batteries you need to meet your needs. I have extensive experience with electric vehicles of all types and decades of battery experience. You can be confident that when you get your Marine Power Inverter from RVandMarineAccessories.com you will be able to safely and securely run your AC items off grid.

To avoid electrical accidents the Marine Power Inverter should be mounted in a location where it will not be subjected to liquid water, flooding or submersion.