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RV Safety Products are necessary for both the RV and any Vehicles that are used to tow an RV. Don't wind up on a dead end road or worse hitting a low bridge. RV Safety Products including RV Specific GPS units are essential to safe travel.
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I have towed my RV for almost 50,000 miles. Started off with a small car centric GPS. That was soon replaced with a large easy to read RV Specific GPS a must have in RV Safety Products. Had a small stand alone back up camera which is essential when hooking up and with the truck bed full and a cap on the bed, even more essential for almost all everyday driving. One of the better RV Safety Products you can own. That original backup camera system has been replaced with a camera that interfaces with the GPS unit. Therefore, we offer those dedicated add on cameras in our RV Safety Products Category.

So with a good GPS in our vehicle, what do we do when we leave camp for a wilderness hike. Why of course we take a hiking specific GPS with us. Ever notice that it seems every path and tree in the woods is a look alike. And when reversing course, nothing looks the same. Unless you carry a marking system and use it religiously, a much better alternative is a hiking based GPS. We offer one of the best in our RV Safety Products category.